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How to delay the development of cataract?

The search for cataract medication is ongoing all over the world. The leaders in the production of anti-cataract drops are France, Japan and Finland. Unfortunately, if a cataract begins to develop, it cannot be stopped. It is very important to determine if a cataract is preventing you from doing professional work. If so, you need to think about the operation as soon as possible.

How to treat cataract?

The only way to treat cataract around the world is surgery. During the operation, the surgeon removes the opaque substance of the lens of the eye and replaces it with an artificial lens, which begins to correctly refract light and gives vision. Do not “grow” cataract.

Is an artificial lens required?

To date, the artificial lens is a mandatory step in cataract surgery. If the doctor does not install an artificial lens in the eye, then vision can only be obtained with thick convex glasses or contact lenses. An artificial lens creates visual acuity, it has ultraviolet protection, can have aspheric optics, which reduces glare from objects and, finally, can be complex (multifocal), which allows a person to see near and far objects without glasses. In our center, there are all kinds of lenses.

Is cataract surgery complex?

The operation takes 15-20 minutes, it is painless. Do not think that with the new technology, cataract surgery has lost its complexity. This is a complex operation. And it can be even more complex when there are obstacles in the eye that have left the old diseases.

What does vision depend on after cataract surgery?

Vision after surgery depends on the initial condition of the eye. There are diseases and conditions that reduce the prognosis for good vision: glaucoma, sugar disease (diabetes mellitus), retinal dystrophy, corneal opacity, high myopia. But this does not mean that in such cases it is not necessary to carry out the operation. Cataract cannot be left in the eye forever. And there is always hope for improvement too. We always preliminarily discuss the prognosis of the operation with the patient.

How quickly can I start working after the operation?

Of course, it depends on the type of work. If you work in a warm room, with a computer, books, and the like, you can please your colleagues with frequent appearances in 1-2 weeks. If working outdoors is associated with extreme loads, you will have to wait a month. But it is better to consult with a surgeon or a doctor when examining before the operation.

When can I start using glasses after the operation?

If one eye has already been operated on, or you already have reading glasses, you can use them within a week after the operation. However, you must understand that the final score will be set in about 1 month.

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