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Our clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows us to conduct a detailed analysis of the state of the visual organ of each patient.

The latest equipment innovations (the only ones in our region)

  • Unique German ZDW refractive diagnostic station (Zyoptix Diagnostic Workstation)

The diagnostic platform of the anterior segment of the eye ORBSCAN IIz allows you to determine the exact map of not only the anterior but also the posterior surface of the cornea, measure the thickness of the cornea at 5000 points, which allows achieving almost perfect results of operations to eliminate myopia, hyperopia and various types of astigmatism.

The Zywave II aberrometer is also included in this complex, which allows analyzing the wavefront of the eye, which is necessary for the Super-LASIK method and better results of refractive operation.




  • The latest generation laser system TECHNOLAS 217z100р


Excimer laser vision correction in our clinic is carried out on high-precision German equipment, namely on the latest-generation laser unit TECHNOLAS 217z100р (only our clinic have such a laser and clinic in St. Petersburg). Laser Features: one of the fastest lasers in the world, a unique three-dimensional eye-tracking system during operation, a patients’ iris recognition system, and much more, which makes it possible to obtain an ideal profile of the formed lens. In addition, various LASIK technologies are possible using this unique set of equipment: classic, tissue-saving, aspherical, personalized LASIK (Super-Lasik), as well as (since 2011) correction of presbyopia.
To form the flap during laser vision correction using the LASIK method, we use Zyoptix XP (Germany) microkeratome (Germany), which is recognized not only as of the most accurate and delicate, but also the safest and most reliable microkeratome in the world with the most predictable thickness of the formed flap.


  • New Stellaris System (Bausch&Lomb)

This equipment was developed in conjunction with the world’s leading cataract surgeons. It provides exceptional security, maximum operation efficiency through the use of modern innovative technologies. Patients have better results in the postoperative period, the risk of complications is reduced.

This is the world’s only system that allows cataract extraction through a 1.8 mm micro-incision, while before that 2.5-3 mm were considered the norm. Thus, the invasiveness of a surgical operation is reduced by 20% and allows patients to significantly reduce the period of recovery of vision.

The new six-crystal ultrasound tip allows to quickly remove even the densest cataract the most sparingly for the patient’s eye.

A flexible platform with unique capabilities allows to effectively use the latest technology in cataract phacoemulsification and get excellent results.
Ideally balanced system for applying both standard coaxial technology and 1.8 mm coaxial or biaxial MICS technology.

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