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Myopia Hyperopia Astigmatism

We have a solution: Excimer laser vision correction


We have a solution: An individual lens for your eye!

You are over 40 years old and tired of glasses and lenses

We have a solution: Orthokeratology (lenses for wearing at nighttime)

Eye Clinic in Ivanovo

Bring back real eyesight to the eyes!

SvetoDar provides a wide range of ophthalmological services, providing a comprehensive solution to vision problems for people of any age.

The introduction of best practices and international treatment standards, the constant updating of modern equipment, continuous interaction with renowned ophthalmologists of the Russian regions and abroad determine the long-term successful work of the clinic.

Our main priority is focusing on the needs of each patient for the most comfortable and effective treatment.

With confidence, entrust the care of your eyes to highly qualified specialists of the Ivanovo Ophthalmic Surgery Clinic SvetoDar.



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  • Laser vision correction

    Want to see well without glasses and contact lenses?
    Excimer laser vision correction allows you to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism in just one day!

    This safe and painless procedure will return you the opportunity to enjoy all the colors of life without limits. The operation is performed within a few minutes on modern German equipment by experienced surgeons with extensive experience. After it, the patient can feel how the clarity, brightness, and contrast of his vision are restored.

    Laser vision correction

  • Cataract treatment

    A cataract is a common eye disease that causes lens opacities to progress over time. A person begins to see the world as if through a cloudy film. This process is irreversible and can lead to complete blindness.
    More and more often, cataract is found at a routine examination in young patients – it develops without symptoms on the periphery of the lens. It is important to regularly undergo ophthalmological examinations in modern medical centers, where the equipment and competence of doctors can determine the disease at an early stage, which means that the necessary treatment can be started on time.

    Replacing the lens with a soft intraocular lens is the only effective way to permanently get rid of cataract and restore full vision.

    Such an operation in the SvetoDar clinic takes 10-15 minutes – without suturing, with a small puncture. The clinic offers a wide range of lenses that are fitted for each patient individually. Thus, it is possible to choose lenses that will not limit the usual active lifestyle.

  • Glaucoma treatment

    Glaucoma is a severe progressive disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure. Lack of timely proper treatment can lead to optic atrophy and complete blindness. The most important thing for this disease is an early diagnosis. The danger also lies in the fact that glaucoma proceeds unnoticed. Therefore, periodic health examinations of an ophthalmologist are required at least 1 time per year (especially after 40 years).
    In our clinic, a full diagnostic examination for glaucoma is carried out, and after that, the treatment algorithm necessary for you is prescribed.

    Glaucoma treatment

  • Retinal diseases

    Retinal diseases cannot be detected without an examination by an ophthalmologist. It can develop quickly and have very serious consequences. Among all diseases of the retina, the main causes of severe vision loss are: central (macular) and peripheral retinal degeneration, diabetic retinopathy. The danger also lies in the fact that at the initial stage, some of them develop absolutely asymptomatically and only an experienced ophthalmologist can determine them. The treatment of such severe pathologies requires great skill, competence and experience of a doctor.

    Retinal diseases

  • Apparatus treatment

    Apparatus treatment is an alternative, gentle therapeutic method for solving vision problems. Apparatus procedures improve blood circulation and metabolism in the tissues of the eye, relieve tension and fatigue, train vision well, increase visual performance. Ophthalmologists of the SvetoDar clinic will select the optimal and most effective preventive or treatment program based on your individual characteristics.


  • Children’s ophthalmology

    It is difficult to overestimate the importance of healthy vision in a child. This is the key to its successful development in the present and future. It is in childhood that it is much easier to drive various eye diseases off and prevent them from developing, which will eliminate serious visual impairment in adulthood. However, it is almost impossible to diagnose eye diseases in children on your own. Regular diagnostic testings are necessary with a pediatric ophthalmologist. Clinic specialists will promptly identify a nascent problem, prescribe optimal treatment and prevention regimens, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child.


  • Orthokeratology

    To correct vision in a dream, without using of day lenses and glasses? It seems unbelievable, but there is such an opportunity!

    In our clinic, you can fit special hard lenses for wearing at nighttime (orthokeratological) that correct vision in a dream. And during the day there is no longer any need to use glasses or contact lenses. You can lead your usual lifestyle without restrictions. An additional plus of this method is that it is applicable to children.


  • Optics

    SvetoDar optical store is equipped with the most modern equipment, its doctors have special knowledge and skills that allow the most accurate and competent lens fitting of any complexity and soft contact lenses, including glasses with progressive lenses and toric contact lenses. In the optical store, more than two thousand medical frames and sunglasses are presented, as well as a large assortment of soft contact lenses. Experienced sales consultants will help you not to get lost in the variety of choices.


  • E.n.t.-services

    Our clinic provides highly-qualified medical care to patients with various E.N.T. diseases, offers a wide range of diagnostic and medical (including surgical methods) services in otorhinolaryngology. SvetoDar specialists will select for you an individual optimal treatment program.

Our customer reviews

We value and cherish every client. Your feedback is very important to us.

  • Rybakova Z.U.

    Thank you very much to all the staff for their good work. Many thanks to the nurse Valeria, a sensitive and sunny man.

  • Alexander

    Thanks so much for the treatment. For competent, superprofessional, kind attitude to people. An operation was done to replace the lens. vision was minus 12, became 0.9.

  • Maria

    I would like to express my gratitude to the doctor I. I. Bulakh Conducted an inspection, made the necessary recommendations. More to such sensitive and responsible doctors!

  • Alekseeva Olga

    I want to express my gratitude and note the professionalism and very friendly, sensitive attitude towards the patients of the doctor – ENT specialist Shirokova Svetlana Sergeevna. For several years I have been driving from another city to see her son and I always receive competent, professional and timely help! Thank you very much Svetlana […]

  • Sharova I.L.

    I express my deep gratitude to the team for diagnosing the condition of the eyes. My husband was diagnosed with glaucoma in this clinic and treatment was prescribed. It is very pleasant to communicate with medical staff, they are very warm and attentive to us. They explain very clearly how to maintain and protect eyesight. […]

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